O Lord of my soul, open my throat so that it may spew out praise
Lift hate from my heart, and strip my soul of pridevanity
Let not the pleasures of the flesh lead me astray
Humble me so that I may be a faithful instrument in your works
Let joy and gladness come to your child
Thank you for healing me
Thank you for family
Thank you for this abode, the sunlight, the wind, good sleep, and food to eat every day of my life
I have witnessed your works and seen your face, and I am filled with dread and fear
You gracefully push me in your gentle winds, always kind in your chastisement
May I honor my father and mother always
May I respect my fellow friends and companions
May hateful things and petty demons that surround me vaporise like ash and dust in the wind
The light of your love shine upon me
I am sinful and evil as I stew in my sloth
Heal my feet and my back so that I may dance for you again
Embody your Holy Spirit in me so that I can be whole
Soften my heart so that I may feel love for my brothers and sisters
Rebuke me not, O Lord, when I speak and utter vanities, for I am ignorant of your ways
I dare not ask for the secrets of the universe, only that I may do my best work and feel fulfilled
Strip me of sin and evilness so that I may be witness to your might


"Battle's not to the swift, but to the one God loves"