Should i go to college (for art and/or dance) ?
the answer is Yes or No dependent on a few factors. Here are some mistakes I made in my long career so far as a student. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes:

.Not making friends and collabing with more people
.Did not search for knowledge wholeheartedly
.Fell into consuming the coursework and regurgitating for tests instead of pursuing understanding
.Did not bother my teachers for the right reasons enough
.Took courses without purpose
.Floundered around and smoked weed too much while piling up debt
.My books and expensive printed material were used more as decorations rather than valuable tools
.Did not take enough risks with my art
.Did not use the resources given to me
.Did not treat myself, others, and life with gratefulness, gracefulness, and humility
.Allowed nihilism and laziness to set into my habits
.Allowed myself to have debt
.Allowed myself to become blind by elitism
.Allowed them to shape my thinking and power process in a way that resentment and pridevanity was the main drivers
.Fell into making shallow art while distracted and did not have clear focus

Here are a couple of things I did right:

.Took all those classes with all those awesome teachers and friends
.Constant exposure to working in the studio trained some good habits
.Being stubborn and not quitting
.Knew when to step away (even if it's very late)
.Paid off debts (debt is more than a number, it is attachment)
Institutions might or might not work for you. Actual skills matter more than credentials.