Critical theory; critical society, everything a critique, analysis rules. Complaining about shit is virtuous. We worship intellect; it is unbalanced.

Creating and analyzing works on opposition.
If creative force is a gas pedal, the analysis part as the break pedal. Going somewhere or changing lanes requires a little dance of your foot to go from pedal to pedal. Press both at the same time and you burn out your engine, unable to go anywhere. But, do this correctly and you can even drift.

Creation of art, ideally, is a deep, faith-based action. Some good will come out of it, even if the artist doesn't know exactly how things will turn out. Analysis stands in opposition, in judgement. Deeper still, creation unfolds layers of the unconscious.

gotta see it with your own eyes
because it moves faster than language
these are 2 paintings created by Mar in a mediation flow. They are easy to analyze since she is a honest, skilled artist. The analysis of lines, symbols, layers, space, connections to meanings and metaphor, has little to do with the actual experience. However, it glimpses at her learned experience, the flow of her life up until the point of this painting, and her innate connection to the collective unconsious. Her process is simple: start painting. She is true to purpose.

Analysis is immensely useful and crucial when you break down propagandistic and corporate art, as it discovers the true unconsious nature and projections of the demoralized, the propagandist. Her process would be inverted, forcing the work to conform.

Create from the soul. Judge it and analyze later.