Things are backwards and everything is confused. Everything is its opposite. Anything can choose to be anything else. Success rate is variable. This is good-bad; use it for clarity.

Had a teacher named K MacDonald said: you cannot receive if you don't open your hands, but to open your hands is an act of giving. They are the same gesture

We are programmed by the TV and social media. Something always has to be on. We hate being bored and sad and lonely and anxious. I say embrace all of it; go into nature, observe the birds and dogs and wildflowers, and be bored. Take a nap on the grass. Fear Of Missing Out is bad, Boredom is good.

They say: move to the city away from family, go to university, get into debt, get a job, and pay rent. No thanks. Go to the country, move back in with your parents. Honor them with service; play pranks on them. Practice dance in the wild.

On the tv, drugs and alcohol are cool, so is working to the bone (tired is sexy), hustling, gutterpunk-chic, cheating to get ahead, drama, the racism of low expectations. Nah, take a rest, drink some tea, be accountable, be kind, be pure. Receive love.

Always do the opposite of what the black slate tells you. Stay blessed.