Wasteland Blues is a pivotal piece of work in my life. I made the film when my foot was broken and was no longer able to dance, much less walk normally. I needed surgery, and in the height of Corona madness, there was no prospect of that happening anytime soon. I put all my effort into Wasteland Blues since I though it would be my last dance. It is part dance-documentary, part satire, part commentary, all-American. Comes with closed captioning option. Enjoy!

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Author's notes:

The making-of was a painstaking process. The concept has been gestating since 2011, but the impulse to make it was sparked by the injury. I filmed in Arcade Rental Zone's warehouse which contained old machines and 8-bit characters on the wall. Due to the Los Angeles lock-downs, the warehouse was never going to open, and it was in the process of being sold. I set up my camera and danced in front of the green screen with my broken foot, multiple takes, multiple days. The music used was from two soundtrack mixes, one 45 minutes, and one 90 minutes. Despite filming a ton of footage, I concentrated on a few key songs. The writing aspect looked more like searching than putting pen to paper, and the editing was difficult. I wanted the film to have a thesis - antithesis - synthesis set up, but it laid there indefinitely unfinished until Terry Davis' monologues. I thank God for blessing me.

the process:

doin' the close captioning
the close captioning was done manually... it was a worthy feat

taking refuge in the lonely shelter of arcade rental zone
the shelter of solitude, Reseda, California

one of the green screen setup (not used due to lighting issues)
one of the setups during filming

the gimpy cowboy
it was a painful process but ultimately it was a joyful one

putting the cpu to good use
things work all the time for us, and gratefulness is extremely powerful

layering and transitions
it was grace that lets me assemble the thick layers together in harmony without them cancelling each other out


some of my thought processes in the making-of:
› a letter from my film to me
› identity
› a desire
› lamenting
› thoughts after finishing

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